Knowledge Hub

Maximizing impact by connecting research and practice in trauma-informed health promotion

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The Knowledge Hub connects and enhances trauma-informed health promotion projects funded through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s investment, “Supporting the Health of Victims of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse through Community Programs”.


  • Foster communication and continuity across the projects funded through the investment.
  • Facilitate the development of common indicators across projects to help assess the overall impact of the investment.
  • Enhance research capacity in the area of trauma-informed health promotion.
  • Support the translation of knowledge produced by projects through the investment.
  • Enhance the knowledge base on trauma-informed health promotion in Canada.


  1. Establish a Community of Practice consisting of team members of projects comprising the investment
  2. Conduct a comprehensive literature review identifying common process and outcome indicators related to improvement in health in the context of family violence
  3. Consult with the Community of Practice to identify topics that would help them to increase their knowledge of trauma-informed health practices and related intervention research.
  1. Host knowledge exchanges and webinars on topics relevant to trauma-informed health promotion
  2. Disseminate new research relevant to the Community of Practice as it becomes available
  3. Convene regular meetings and produce communication bulletins for the Community of PRactice
  1. Translate knowledge into various formats for dissemination to a wider audience (e.g. social media, reports, infograhics)
  2. Provide a dynamic, bilingual website featuring the Community of Practice and their projects.


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