MindUP for Young Children


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To implement and evaluate a mindfulness-informed, evidence-based social and emotional learning intervention within a trauma-informed framework to full-day kindergarten children as well as in a community-based organization which provides services to children who have experienced domestic violence and and/or child abuse and their families.


  • Continue to build capacity and readiness for implementation of a mindfulness-informed, evidence-based social and emotional learning (SEL) intervention in full-day kindergarten (FDK) class-rooms in high needs schools.
  • Implement trauma awareness training for educators and multi-disciplinary teams working in school settings consistent with a trauma-informed practice approach (already completed for year 1, but will occur in subsequent years).
  • Pilot an evidence-based SEL intervention in FDK classrooms in high needs schools.
  • Implement an evidence-based SEL program in FDK class-rooms and evaluate using a quasi-experimental design.
  • Implement and evaluate a mindfulness-informed, evidence-based program with children exposed to domestic violence and/or child abuse.


  • Build consensus with multidisciplinary teams in school settings, including teachers, teaching assistants, early childhood educators, social workers, behaviour specialists and other professionals.
  • Develop parent engagement strategy and communication materials
  • Revise trauma awareness training from evidence-informed practices that fits with London District Catholic School Board (LDCSB) mental health strategic plan based on feedback and lessons learned from pilot training.
  • Pilot MindUP in 16 classrooms, 8 schools (Pilot phase), expanding to 40 Teachers and Early Childhood Educators in year 3
  • Undertake adaptation of program for community setting
  • Collect pre- and post-intervention data




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Fall 2017

Spring/Summer 2017

  • Project team members are excited about the positive feedback they have been receiving from the teachers, children and social workers involved in the program.
  • The following email was sent to MindUP project team members from one of the teachers involved in the program:
    “I have to tell you yesterday I had the students watch the movie "Inside Out" because it was the last Friday before the break and it relates to the brain.  I had to stop the movie when I heard the kids talking about how the pre-frontal cortex was working with the hippocampus at one point in the movie.  I also had a parent send me a note thanking me for teaching their child about the brain because he is talking about it all the time at home.  I am really enjoying teaching and seeing the students engage in this.”- Teacher 
  • On April 11, 2017, MindUP held a booster training for the teachers, early childhood educators, educational assistants, social workers, and principals who are involved in the pilot at the LDCSB Catholic Education Centre. Following the booster training session, one teacher said, “I think it is so important to emphasize that MindUp benefits the students, BUT ALSO the teachers involved!! I know that this program has helped me personally deal with stress in my life, remain positive and help me to be more present in the moment. It is a beautiful way of being!”