The P.E.A.C.E Project (Peer Education and Connection through Empowerment)

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Project at a glance:


To develop trauma-informed curriculum and facilitate group activities that enhance resiliency and promote overall health of female-identifying youth who have experienced any form of gender-based violence.


  • Empowerment through Education: Acquisition of critical thinking skills through exposure to social, cultural, political, historical and economic information using gender analysis
  • Action-Based: Ability to create new knowledge, intervention tools, find resources, engage in positive risk-taking through experiential learning
  • Trauma-Informed Practice: Creation of a safe environment to facilitate healthy coping skills, self-esteem building, healthy relationships, witness stories, acknowledge emotions, handle disclosure
  • Participatory Research: Evaluate stages of the project to identify barriers and potential solutions to early implementation of psychosocial programs via qualitative interviews with participants and stakeholders regarding their experiences


Initial Program Development and Engagement with Community Partners

  • Development of program materials including curriculum, information sheets and promotion
  • Volunteer and Peer Mentor Recruitment and Training
  • Recruitment of Participants and Introduction to Program

Development of Group Process

  • Psychoeducation regarding trauma-informed care
  • Qualitative interviews and observations

Development and Implementation of Activities

  • Develop and implement desired activities that focus on primary health promotion
  • Ensure all activities are trauma-informed

Project Summary

  • Suggest promising practices
  • Outline successes and challenges



Covenant House Toronto: Canada’s largest shelter for homeless youth offering a wide range of services under one roof.
Centre for Addictions and Mental Health: Canada’s largest mental illness and addiction hospital.


East Metro Youth Services, BOOST Child and Youth Advocacy Centre, Turning Point Youth Services, All Saints Church-Community Centre, Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto, Pape Adolescent Resource Centre, Native Family and Child Services


Spring 2017

  • The project launched its first group in late January 2017 with 17 participants. A third group recently began in April, 2017.

Winter 2017