Sole Expression: Trauma-Informed Dance Intervention

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PROJECT at a glance:


To refine, implement, and evaluate a trauma-informed dance intervention that is innovative and creative and will promote healing and well-being for youth (ages 12-17) who have experienced child abuse and/or domestic violence.


  • To refine and pilot test a trauma-informed dance intervention for male and female youth who have experienced child abuse and/or domestic violence
  • To further refine the dance intervention based on pilot study findings and determine a sample size for statistical significance
  • To implement and evaluate a multi-site trauma-informed dance intervention in both Toronto and Muskoka/Simcoe


Year 1:

  • Establish Project Leads Working Group
  • Establish Advisory Committee
  • Validity-testing of trauma-informed dance intervention curriculum
  • Develop training session for group facilitators and dance instructors

Year 2:

  • Analyze data from the pilot study
  • Provide training to group facilitators and dance instructors in Simcoe/Muskoka
  • Ongoing analysis

Year 3:

  • Conduct individual interviews
  • Review findings from Pilot One and Two group series
  • Implement full intervention in both sites
  • Review findings with PWLG and present to Advisory Committee

Year 4:

  • Continue to implement group sessions
  • Implement intervention research in both sites
  • Continue to deliver 2 group series in each site

Year 5:

  • Finalize Knowledge Transfer plan and present to Advisory Committee
  • Develop draft program manual for ongoing program delivery in other centres



BOOST Child & Youth Advocacy Centre: a not for profit organization dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and violence through education, awareness and community collaboration.
Ryerson University: a public research university located in Toronto, Canada.


Ryerson University, UNITY, Child Advocacy Centre of Simcoe Muskoka


Winter 2017