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E-Newsletter Issue 12: Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Rainbow Communities
Issue 12 of the Learning Network Newsletter focuses on intimate partner violence (IPV) in LGBT communities. In this issue we explore the benefits of an intersectional approach for understanding IPV in LGBT relationships and how the experiences of LGBT survivors may differ from other IPV survivors.  Learn about barriers to services for LGBT survivors and their abusive partners, as well as what practice competencies help to reduce barriers.  The Learning Network team has included descriptions of and links to LGBT organizations/networks and a range of resources (e.g. for allies, for trainers, for Deaf Queer Womyn, for immigrants and refugees, for youth).
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Intimate Partner Violence in Rainbow Communities: A Discussion Paper Informed by the Learning Network Knowledge Exchange (November 2014)
This discussion paper is informed by the Learning Network Knowledge Exchange on IPV in LGBT communities held in London, Ontario in November 2014.  It contains comments from participants, information from the literature on IPV in LGBT communities, discussions on the experiences of IPV, consequences of IPV and barriers to understanding, disclosing and seeking help, and considerations for continuing to move forward. We’ve included a glossary and links to helpful resources. After you have read the paper we hope you will join the discussion (Twitter:@learntoendabuse | #RainbowKE) or send us your thoughts about the paper and possible next steps for responding to and preventing IPV (vawln@uwo.ca).
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