Webinar Series


These webinars are co-hosted by the Learning Network and Knowledge Hub on gender-based violence, sexual violence, trauma-and violence-informed practice, health promotion and child maltreatment.

At the end of every webinar in the chat box, you will see a link to the evaluation. We really value the responses that people provide to us through the evaluations as they help us guide our future webinars. Once you complete the evaluation form, you will be directed to a webpage where you will be prompted to enter your full name and email address. A certificate of participation will be generated and emailed to you. 

A certificate of completion is also now generated for webinar recordings upon the completion of a short quiz. You will find the link to the quiz underneath every webinar recording.

Register for upcoming webinars and/or watch recordings of past webinars at the links below.

All of our webinars are free of charge!

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