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The Learning Network is a valuable source of evidence-informed resources for individuals, service providers, and organizations working to end violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV).


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Revisiting Vicarious Trauma In Gender-based Violence Work: Opportunities For Fostering Vicarious Resilience & Collective Wellbeing

This Issue-based Newsletter examines collective wellbeing in gender-based violence work through a three-pronged approach that seeks to advocate for changes at the structural level, prevent vicarious trauma, and foster vicarious resilience among anti-violence workers. 

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Understanding and addressing issues of gender identity and sexuality when working with trauma survivors through trauma-informed care approaches

This presentation discussed LGBTQ IPV survivors’ perceptions of trauma-informed care in their services related to IPV as well as help-seeking barriers in this population.


Intersecting Oppressions Shape Experiences of IPV Faced by Women with Disabilities

This infographic shares how an intersectional approach to intimate partner violence (IPV) against women with disabilities requires exploring the ways sexism and ableism interact with further forms of oppression like colonialism and heteronormativity. 

Nov 2 Resource Spotlight

Human Trafficking: Innovative Responses Created By and For Youth and Indigenous Communities

This resource spotlight recording features two innovative human trafficking interventions: Aura Freedom’s Peer Prevention Project and the Ontario Native Women’s Association’s Indigenous Anti-Human Trafficking Liaison Program.


Examining the Intersections of Anti-Asian Racism and Gender-Based Violence in Canada

This Backgrounder seeks to contribute to the broader understanding of anti-Asian racism and gender-based violence in Canada.


Building resilience in children exposed to violence: Broadening our understanding from a decolonizing and social justice perspective

The terms ‘resilience’ and ‘resistance’ continue to be ‘buzzwords,’ but what do they really mean? In this webinar recording, presenters discussed how our current understanding of these terms, often at an individual level, fail to capture the roles of communities, systems, and movements in building resilience in children exposed to violence.