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Mobilizing knowledge to end gender-based violence

The Learning Network (LN) is a valuable source of evidence-informed resources for individuals, service providers, and organizations working to end violence against women and other forms of gender-based violence (GBV).


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Gender-Based Violence in Schools and the Intersectional Experiences of Black-Canadian Girls

This Webinar discusses the unique experiences of female identified adolescents of African descent in Canada, and their experiences with gender-based violence in schools. Specific attention is given to cultures of violence, how they manifest, and the need to attend to prevention, as opposed to the current focus on punishment, when addressing the intersectional experiences of Black girls.


Expanding on Lessons from a Rural Inquest: Addressing Questions and Providing Support for Action

In this resource, panelists from the Learning Network Special Event: Lessons from a Rural Inquest share responses to additional questions from participants to provide further clarity about the Inquest including recommendations, advocacy, and implications for the gender-based violence sector.


Understanding the Realities of Gender Diverse Peoples to Strengthen our Care Systems

In this Webinar, Zakary-Georges Gagné (she/they) discusses the role that organizations or institutions offering care or support have in the creation of welcoming and intersectional spaces for gender diverse peoples, with specific attention to French-language spaces.


Intentionally Marginalized Communities: The Violence We See in Relationships, Families and Systems in Canada

Several contributors and the editors of the recently published third edition of Cruel But Not Unusual: Violence in Families in Canada explore the concept of intentionally marginalized communities in relation to their work and experiences with Black communities, non-status, refugee, and immigrant women, and children and youth in care.


Support Rainbow Seniors! 3 Things for Service Providers to Know

This infographic shares three concrete actions that service providers can take to support Rainbow Seniors who are part of the 2SLGBTQI+ community. This infographic was made in partnership with leZlie lee kam.


Living with Coercive Control: Youth Perspectives

In this Webinar, you learn from the voices of three youth advocates as they describe their experiences with coercive control and abuse, and their subsequent experiences in the justice and service provision systems. Panelists offer recommendations for how service providers and the justice system can better support youth, respect their rights, and acknowledge them as whole persons.