Preventing Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities


This inforgraphic presents 6 ways to prevent violence in immigrant and refugee communities. It also provides examples of practical ways that can help address this issue.

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Give immigrant and refugee communities ownership over prevention strategies and activities in their communities.
  • Organizations must learn to trust and value the expertise and wisdom of community members and involve them at all stages in planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Role model equitable, collaborative, and meaningful relationships with all partners and participants.
  • Share resources in a way that creates greater equality between partners.

  • Avoid tokenism in relationships or exploitation of immigrant and refugee members.
Support, involve, and answer to immigrant and refugee women and women’s leadership.
  • Prioritize women’s and girls’ leadership.

  • Use men and boys as allies and advocates for women’s rights but not in positions of speaking for or instead of women.
Focus on gender inequality at the institution, systems, and policy level.
  • Challenge gender stereotypes and attitudes that condone violence.

  • Address structural forms of gender inequity such as the unfair distribution of wealth, power, and opportunities.
Ensure other forms of social inequality and disadvantage are being addressed.
  • Acknowledge the intersecting forms of violence and discrimination in society in addition to gender inequities, such as racism, ableism, homophobia, ageism, and classism.
Commit to listening, learning, evaluating, and generating evidence.
  • Document and share widely what works and what does not work with immigrant and refugee communities, conduct ongoing and thoughtful evaluations of our activities and support further research.

ADAPTED FROM: Working with Immigrant and Refugee Communities to Prevent Violence Against Women (2017)

In this guide, Jasmin Chen focuses on preventing violence against women in immigrant and refugee communities in Australia by working towards gender equality and addressing key drivers of violence against women. View the guide.

This infographic emerged from Issue-Based Newsletter 26: Intimate Partner Violence Against Immigrant and Refugee Women.