Zoom Helpful Tips

  • Joining the session: To join a Webinar or Resource Spotlight, click the link included in the registration confirmation email that was automatically sent to you from the Learning Network and/or Knowledge Hub. Alternatively, click the link that was generated and posted in the confirmation page after you registered. If you lost the link, please register again.

  • Camera/microphone settings: When joining one of our events, only presenters can turn on their microphones and cameras. All participants are automatically muted with their camera off.

  • Audio settings: To change your audio settings, click on the ^ arrow next to the Unmute/Mute button at the bottom of your Zoom screen.

  • Audio issues: If after joining the session you are having connection or audio issues, try using your phone for audio.
    • Click the ^ arrow next to the Unmute/Mute button.
    • Click Switch to Phone Audio and follow the steps for dialing in. 
  • Closed Captioning: Zoom’s live transcription feature can provide automatic captioning through closed caption settings. Participants will be notified that this service is available.  
    • Join the online session.
    • When closed captioning beings, you will see a notification above Closed Caption in the meeting controls.
    • Click Closed Caption to start viewing closed captioning.
    • Tip: Click and drag the closed captioning to move its position in the meeting window.

    (Optional) To adjust the caption size:

    • Click the upward arrow next to Start Video/ Stop Video.
    • Click Video Settings the 
    • Move the slider to adjust the caption size.
  •  Question & Answer QandA.png: Open the Q&A window to ask questions to the host and panelists.            
    • Type your question into the Q&A box. Click Send.
      Note: Check Send Anonymously if you do not want your name attached to your question in the Q&A.
  • Engaging in chat: You can chat with panelists and participants in the chat box.
    • Click chat  Chat.png in the meeting controls.
      When you click on chat, the chat window will appear. It will be on the right if you are not in full screen. If you are in full screen, it will appear in a window that you can move around your screen.
    • Tap on the drop down next to “To:” to change who you are sending this message to. As an attendee, you can send a message to the host and other panelists, or all attendees and panelists. 
    • Note: If you receive a message when you do not have the chat window open, you will receive a notification at the bottom of your screen.
  • Chat notifications: You have the option to disable the chat notifications if you download the Zoom application [download link].
    • Open the Zoom app on your desktop and click on ‘Settings’ (gear icon) on the extreme top-right corner of the app.
    • On the Zoom settings screen, click on ‘Chat’ in the left panel. Then, look for ‘Push Notifications’ section in the chat settings and select the ‘Nothing’ option to disable all chat notifications in Zoom.

If you are in a Webinar or Resource Spotlight and need support, please let us know in the chat box. Otherwise, if you have any questions, please email us at vawln@uwo.ca