Exploring a National Evaluation Framework: Assessing Changes in Men & Boys Webinar Follow-up

Date: January 21, 2016
Presenter: Kate Bojin, M.A., Project Manager, White Ribbon

This webinar explored the process of development and co-creation of the national evaluation framework, which assesses changes in men and boys arising from GBV prevention programming. The webinar explored sample indicators, core outcome areas, across four levels of change which can be effective in engaging men and boys. This webinar is useful for wide-ranging practitioners who have an interest in engaging men and boys to respond and prevent gender-based violence.

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  4. Question & Answer Session - Audience Questions posed to Kate Bojin
  5. In terms of more youth-friendly evaluation, Kate shared the impact videos from Top Left project (students commission of Canada): http://archives.studentscommission.ca/topleft/description.php