Learning Network: Education, Research & Resources on Gender Based Violence

Learning Network: Education, Research & Resources on Gender Based Violence

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Issue 14: Femicide

Many women’s advocates and researchers have called for the use of the term femicide to clearly name the killing of women and girls as a gender-based crime within the broader continuum of violence against women. Their voices inspired our newsletter on Femicide.  We invite you to read about the different forms of femicide, its broad ranging impacts, the roots of this global health and human rights concern, and some of the actions required to end femicide.  We also hope you will access the informative online resources featured in the newsletter and visit our new Network Area on femicide containing over 40 additional resources.  Access the Newsletter here...

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Visit our new Network Area on Partner Violence in Rainbow Communities where you can access resources on Background Papers & Technical Reports, Consequences, Definitions/Incidence/Prevalence, Im

Learning Network Brief 30: Sexual Femicide

This Brief explores the motivations behind and impacts of sexual femicide.

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