Learning Network: Education, Research & Resources on Violence Against Women

Learning Network: Education, Research & Resources on Violence Against Women

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In Issue 10 of the Learning Network Newsletter, the team focuses on Gender Equality.  We provide a definition of Gender Equality and discuss why it is important and its inextricable link to violence against women.  Through brief text and graphics, we illustrate the existing gender gaps in Canada in women’s political participation, in women’s health and well-being due to the disproportionate levels of intimate partner and sexual violence they experience, and in women’s economic well-being. The role of economic instability or dependence in keeping women in abusive relationships is discussed.  We also examine the greater gaps in equality experienced by women belonging to communities affected by historical disadvantages, discrimination, and systemic barriers. Actions that parents, educators, and employees/employers can take to promote gender equality are included. Hyperlinks to 26 online resources used in the development of this newsletter are provided.
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What is Consent?

A video by CampusClarity.

Can two-minutes and a smart phone change the way you (or your students) think about consent? This video, originally created as part of CampusClarity's award-winning online training program Think About It, teaches the concept of consent by considering a series of realistic scenarios in an approachable manner.

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