Play On: A Trauma-Informed Sport Program at Boys and Girls Clubs Of Canada

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To increase physical and mental health of members of Boys and Girls Clubs (BGC) through trauma-informed sport programming.


  • To design and deliver a trauma-sensitive sport and recreation program
  • To train Boys and Girls Club staff on trauma-informed practice and build capacity to embed this approach throughout the organization
  • To increase Boys and Girls Clubs connections to community organizations
  • To determine the effectiveness of trauma-informed sport program in a Boys and Girls pilot Club through intervention research
  • To engage in knowledge translation activities to share the results of our intervention research and best practices within our own BGC network, as well as with


Development Phase

  • Consult with club staff and youth to test out concepts skills and design principles
  • Develop a curriculum manual and training guide on trauma-informed practice and sport
  • Convene Advisory Committee

Pilot Phase

  • Pilot implementation and intervention will begin
  • First training for club staff from pilot sites will be held
  • Curriculum manual and training guides will be designed and printed

Continued Implementation

  • Program delivery and intervention research continues at 3 clubs
  • Curriculum may be updated to ensure program is effective
  • Additional training will take place
  • A Master trainer manual will be developed, designed, and printed


  • Program delivery and intervention research
  • National training will be held
  • Master trainers will be identified and developed and will undergo additional training

Knowledge Dissemination

  • Program will continue to be delivered in pilot clubs and in additional clubs
  • Knowledge dissemination at club and national level
  • Intervention research report will be developed
  • Community meeting in Toronto will be held to share findings of the project



Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada is a leading provider of quality after school and out of school programs to children and youth.
In Partnership with Dr. Tanya Forneris
Edgework Consulting