Shape Your Life Project

Measuring the Effects of Shape Your Life Project on the mental and physical health outcomes of victims of domestic violence

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To expand understanding of the mental and physical health outcomes for female victims of domestic violence in the Shape Your Life (SYL) project.


  • To address the physical and mental health needs of victims of domestic violence.
  • To engage victims of domestic violence in a physical activity based program that also connects them to information, supports, and community resources.
  • To expand community services for victims of domestic violence, through a collaborative, multi-agency approach.
  • To address a gap in service provision and knowledge.
  • Shape Your Life has produced evidence-based qualitative research which demonstrates that SYL is an effective intervention. The Public Health Agency of Canada funding will enable the project to provide quantitative research evidence of the impact of SYL on physical and mental health, and measure the intervention’s impact.


  • To apply a mixed methods approach to assess the effectiveness of SYL on physical an mental health outcomes
  • To reach 225 participants through six 14-week SYL sessions over three years
  • To target groups at increased risk through three of six SYL sessions
  • In-depth data collection will occur at three phases (baseline, mid, and post-program) of each 14-week session as well as at a 6-month follow up. The intensive intervention research is an enhancement of SYL



Brock University Logo Brock University:  is a public research university located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.
Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club Logo Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club: provides a safe and positive space for women and trans people to explore the sport of boxing.
Opportunity For Advancement Logo Opportunity for Advancement: is a Toronto based community agency that works with women who have experienced violence across the GTA.


Toronto Newsgirls Boxing Club, Opportunity for Advancement

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