TransFormed: Better Health for Trans, Gender-Diverse, and Two-Spirit Survivors of Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence

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Project at a glance:


  • To understand how domestic violence/intimate partner violence is  experienced by Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit community members in the  Greater  Toronto  Area  (GTA),  in  a  manner  that  meets safety,  trauma-related, and confidentiality needs
  • To respond to the needs of Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit community members through peer-led intervention approaches and capacity-building activities among Ontario health and multi-sector providers, thereby increasing access to effective and equitable health and social supports.


  • To establish effective partnerships between Trans, Gender-Diverse, and Two- Spirit communities and multi-sector agencies that provide services, programs, training, and/or research to support the overall needs of the communities affected by DV/IPV
  • To conduct ethical, trauma-informed, community-based and mixed-method research in the GTA
  • To create and disseminate health promotion tools designed by peers for Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit survivors of DV/IPV
  • To utilize research findings to develop and launch new trainings and a knowledge exchange symposium for service providers To evaluate all project activities (eg. partnerships, research, and knowledge exchange) for continuous quality improvement, impact and sustainability


  • The project brings together Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit people and an Advisory Committee, comprised of researchers and multi-sector agencies, to examine and address current issues, challenges, and barriers to health and social supports for community members affected by DV/IPV.
  • A Peer Leadership Group, comprised of people with lived experience, in collaboration with the project team and the Advisory Committee, will lead community-grounded research on Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit communities to identify unique experiences of DV/IPV, barriers to health and social supports, and promising practices in health promotion.
  • The Peer Leadership Group, in collaboration with the project team, will lead the design and development of relevant tools and resources to help Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit individuals affected by DV/IPV build resilience, knowledge and awareness.
  • New tools and resources will be developed to train and support health and social service providers, and to enhance competencies and practices for working with Trans, Gender-Diverse and Two-Spirit individuals affected by DV/IPV.
  • Evaluation: Project outputs and outcomes will be evaluated on an ongoing basis and a final evaluation report will be produced.


1Trans is an umbrella term referring to people with diverse gender identities and expressions that differ from stereotypical gender norms -
2Two-Spirit refers to a person who has both a masculine and a feminine spirit, and is used by some First Nations people to describe their sexual, gender and/or spiritual identity -


METRAC: Action On Violence

METRAC works to end gender-based violence across communities, through education, research, and policy.