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Inaugural Issue: Sexual Violence Violence Against Young Women Femicide Intimate Partner Sexual Violence
The Issue: Human Trafficking Violence Against Women with DisAbilities & Deaf Women Intersectionality  
Children Exposed to Domestic Violence Intersectionality Understanding Rape Culture  
Technology-Related Violence Against Women Gender Equality Sexual Consent Is Essential  
Engaging Men & Boys to End Violence Against Women Sexual & Gender-based Harassment

Boys' Victimization & Adult IPV Perpetration


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Intimate Partner Sexual Violence

  Common Intersections of Sexual and Physical Violence




  Language Issues



  IPSV Power & Control Wheel



  Our Current Understanding




  IPSV at the Intersections:Examples of Lived Experience


Boys' Victimization & Adult IPV Perpetration: Opportunities for Prevention Across the Life Course

   IPV Perpetration & Child Maltreatment: Shared Risk Factors


   Associated Consequences of Family Violence Across the Life Course


  Theoretical Frameworks

    Considerations for Practice



Sexual Consent is Essential









Understanding Rape Culture





  Ideas for Bringing Intersectionality into Practice



  Experiences of gender-based violence are shaped by the intersection of various aspects of identity


Questions to consider when working intersectionally




Children's Unique Circumstances of Power, Privilege and Identity




  Tracing the Roots of Femicide
  Also available in 11" by 17" poster size



  Actions to End Femicide



Sexual & Gender-based Harassment

Actions you can take if you are being sexually harassed



Barriers to reporting sexual harassment



Places where sexual harassment occurs and its potential impacts



Sexual Harassment - What is a myth and what is reality?



Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Rainbow Communities

Barriers to Services



  Competencies to Reduce Barriers



  Experiences of Intimate Partner Violence



  Intimate Partner Violence in LGBT Relationships



Gender Equality

  Why is Gender Equality Important



  How is Gender Equality Measured?



  A Gap Continues to Exist in Women's Political Participation


  Health & Well-being of Canadian Women



  Economic Instability or Dependence Keeping Women in Abusive Relationships


  Women's Economic Well-being Continues to Lag Behind Male Peers



  Intersectionality: An Essential Lens for Reading Statistics



Violence Against Women with DisAbilities and Deaf Women

  Violence Against Women with DisAbilities and Deaf Women

  Infographic in French



Violence Against Young Women

  Violence Against Young Women



Engaging Men & Boys to End Violence Against Women

  Men's Attitudes and Behaviours Toward Violence Against Women (Infographic created by White Ribbon)



Technology-related Violence Against Women

  Cyberbullying Statistics

Children Exposed to Domestic Violence

  Exposure Underreported


  Safety for Adult Victims Protects Children


The Issue: Human Trafficking

  Low Risk - High Reward for Traffickers

Inaugural Issue: Sexual Violence

  Few Sexual Assaults Lead to Court Convictions