Learning from Women with Lived Experience of Violence

Listening to women with lived experience, we learn about the ways women are impacted by and how they cope with violence – that is, what supports, activities or comforts helped them to survive the most challenging parts of their experience.

Courageous Survivors of Sexual Violence

We collaborated with Carol, Deborah, Janis, Megan, and Michelle, who in sharing their experiences of sexual violence, illuminate how individual women are impacted differently – including their experiences with systems meant to support victims/survivors.

Julie Craven

Julie Craven shares her experiences trying to find support and safety for herself and her son Jared from her abusive husband and her subsequent experiences with the criminal justice system and family court system.


Kim shares her story about living with domestic violence. Kim's story is set in the context of the Victim Safety Guide, a resource developed by Victim Services Middlesex County, for people who seek support from community resources and the criminal justice system.

Learning from a Survivor

Click here for audio clips featuring a courageous woman sharing how her abusive partner used technology to continue to harass and abuse her after she separated from him.  You will learn about the impacts experienced by her and her children, and some of the safety strategies she employed at home and at work.

Moving Forward: Addressing Domestic Violence in Oxford County

Produced by Victim Assistance Services of Oxford County and Woodstock Police Service and posted here with permission from Victim Assistance Services of Oxford County.

Natalie Novak - Learning from her Parents

Twenty year old Natalie, the daughter of Dawn and Ed Novak, was murdered by her ex-boyfriend while attending university.  Seven years later, her parents share their understanding of this preventable tragedy and their mission to end violence. Watch the videos here.


WomenatthecentrE is an organization based in Toronto, ON engaged in personal and political advocacy. Members are encouraged through personal advocacy to stand up for their rights and ensure their personal needs are being met. The organization develops workshops for survivors as well as those who work with women experiencing domestic violence.

Your Legal Rights Webinar

Through the Your Legal Rights website, CLEO is proud to produce public legal education webinars aimed at community workers and advocates in Ontario, Canada. To find out more about how to participate in a webinar or to watch or listen to any of our archived webinars, visit the Training section of the Your Legal Rights website.