Our Work

This collection of Learning Network resources is designed to synthesize and disseminate knowledge on topics related to Gender-Based Violence (GBV). These resources provide foundational GBV knowledge including commonly used language, important gaps and emerging issues, recent research, and important educational tools and resources.

All original materials produced by the Learning Network are open-access and can be re-used and re-distributed as long as there is proper recognition of the author and/or Learning Network.

Backgrounders share practice guidance, essential research facts, and intervention approaches.

Briefs discuss emerging and/or complex issues and summarize primary research findings in clear language.

Glossary offers accessible and evidence-based definitions of frequently used GBV terms, in addition to resources for further learning.

Infographics display information in a concise and engaging graphic manner.

Issue-based Newsletters highlight relevant research, promising practices, and online resources on GBV issues.

Reports consist of knowledge exchange papers, research results, technical reports, and peer-reviewed publications by team members.

Resource Spotlights share presentations on online Ontario-based GBV resources and tools. Join us for the live presentation or watch recordings of the spotlight.

Videos & Podcasts present presentations on important GBV topics and recordings of survivors sharing their lived experience.

Webinars share presentations on GBV topics and include companion materials (e.g. slides). Connect with us on the webinar day to interact directly with the presenter(s) or watch webinar recordings.