Sex Only with Consent! (2021)


This infographic shares what consent is and when consent cannot be given.

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Sex Only with Consent!

Consent is…

VOCAL: More than just the absence of “no”, consent requires “YES!”

  • “Wanna have sex?”
  • “Maybe not sex…”
  • “Okay. How about …?
  • “Yeah!”


CONTINUAL: Consent is needed every time and can be withdrawn anytime.

  • “You don’t seem into this today. Wanna slow down or stop?”
  • “Let’s stop.”
  • “No worries.”


CLEAR: What both people want to do and not do is discussed, not assumed.

  • “What about doing…?”
  • “Totally into #%*ing, but not *^#*.”


ENGAGED: Both people use verbal and nonverbal cues to show they are into it.

  • Eye contact
  • Nodding
  • Touching
  • Smiling

Consent cannot be given when a person is:

  • With someone who abuses their authority or power (for example, TA, Student Leader, Coach, etc.)
  • Pressured, threatened, or coerced
  • Unconscious/asleep
  • Incapacitated by alcohol or drugs


Without consent, it’s sexual assault!